How to Check Zong All in One Package Remaining Balance (Updated)

How to Check Zong All in One Package Remaining Balance

Zong is one of the largest mobile communication companies in Pakistan and offers its customers the best fast internet and a variety of minutes and internet packages.

Zong has a 4G network that covers more than 90% of Pakistan’s population and is known for providing its customers with fast and reliable internet.

Lets to try how to check zong all in one package remaining balance?

Are you Ready?

Zong users often do not know the Zong balance check code, due to which they do not know how many MBs are left and how many minutes they have used. So in today’s article, I will tell you some ways by which you can know your remaining Zong MBs.

How to Check Zong All in One Package Remaining Balance ?

Let’s see how to check zong balance, and MBS?

If you have subscribed to a Zong internet package, you can find out the data usage of all types of your internet MBs by dialing *102#.

Zong All in One Details *102*1#
Remaining Minutes Details *102*2#
Remaining Zong MBs Status *102*4#
SMS Remaining Info *102*3#

Zong Balance Check via Device using Master Number

If you are using a Zong device, you can also use it to check your Zong balance, minutes, SMS, and internet MBs. Follow my steps to understand it better.

  • You need to dial *6767#, and select option 5.
  • Soon You will get SMS by Zong with All Internet MBs Details or Resources.

Zong MB check code by Device Portal

There is another way in which you can find out the remaining resources of your internet minutes and SMS using the Zong 4G device portal, and that is too free of cost.

To do this, you will need to follow me in the next steps.

  • Connect your Zong device with your PC or Laptop, and type in address bar .
  • Enter you login Details once you have logged in. Go to Usage, and You will find all Zong Remaining Internet MBs, and To next you will see check Balance Option by Zong Just click it, find all details related to remaining Minutes, SMS, and balance.


How to check Zong remaining Package?

You can dial *102*1# for all Zong Internet, Minutes, and SMS Resources.

What is Zong internet check code?

I have already shared all Zong remaining resources check codes, and details.

I hope you can now easily find out the resources of Zong minutes, internet data and SMS through Zong internet check code. InshaAllah, we will meet again in the next article. Until then, Allah Hafiz.

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