Jazz TikTok Packages – Daily, Weekly, Monthly Code 2024

Jazz TikTok Packages

Do you get frustrated when your internet data runs out and you can’t use TikTok for long?

So you don’t need to worry, I have brought the Jazz TikTok Package 2024 for you, in which you can use the internet for a long time and run TikTok for a long time.

Jazz is the top telecommunications company in Pakistan. They understand the needs of their customers, especially those who use TikTok. Jazz regularly introduces new 4G/5G Internet packages to meet the needs of TikTokers.

Today, I will tell you about some of these packages. You can use these packages to upload videos to TikTok, share your content with your followers, and much more.

My Jazz Favorite Monthly Jazz Package

What are Jazz TikTok Packages?

Jazz TikTok packages are specially designed for TikTok Fans who regularly share their content and talent with their followers on TikTok. These Jazz packages offers are in 4G and 5G internet, which is fast enough to not only create live videos but also upload large videos quickly and easily.

For Games Lover Jazz PUBG Package

Jazz Daily Smart Package Code & Detail

Package Name
Daily Smart TikTok Offer
PriceRs. 6 Including taxes
Balance RequiredRs. 7 PKR
On-Net Minutes
Off-Net Minutes
Internet Data30 MB for TikTok till midnight
Subscribe Code*114*5#
Check Remaining MBs, Mints & SMS*114*5*2#
Validity1 Day (24 Hours)

There is another daily TikTok package jazz code that TikTokers can use for Tiktok App. You can get this TikTok package for 20 rupees and enjoy 4G and 5G.

Jazz Dialy TikTok 50MB Package Code & Detail

Package NameDaily TikTok 50MB Bundle
PriceRs. 16 Including taxes
Balance RequiredRs. 21 PKR
On-Net Minutes
Off-Net Minutes
Internet Data50 MB for TikTok till midnight
Subscribe Code
Check Remaining MBs, Mints & SMS*117*11*2#
Validity1 Day (24 Hours)

Jazz Weekly TikTok Packages

Jazz’s weekly TikTok package code is available to you at a very reasonable rate. You can upload your videos to TikTok, watch other people’s videos, and enjoy 4G and 5G internet while living in Pakistan.

Jazz TikTok Weekly Offer 2.5 GB

Package NameWeekly TikTok Package
PriceRs. 55 Including taxes
Balance RequiredRs. 65 PKR
On-Net Minutes
Off-Net Minutes
Internet Data2500 MB ( 2.5 GB) for TikTok use only
Subscribe Code**117*14#
Check Remaining MBs, Mints & SMS
Validity7 Days (one week)

Now we will discuss on Jazz TikTok Packages for monthly users, and 30 days Jazz Tiktok Offers.

Jazz Weekly Smart Social Package Code & Details

TikTok Jazz Package has another offer in which users can get up to 700 MB of internet and enjoy the TikTok app at very low rates.

Package NameWeekly Smart Social Bucket
PriceRs. 75 Including taxes
Balance RequiredRs. 105 PKR
On-Net Minutes
Off-Net Minutes
Internet Data2500 MB ( 2.5 GB) for TikTok use only
Subscribe Code**117*7#
Check Remaining MBs, Mints & SMS*117*7*2#
Validity7 Days (1 week)

Jazz TikTok Monthly Package Code & Details

In the TikTok monthly package, users can get up to 3 GB of internet, they can enjoy at 4G and 5G speeds. In addition, the price of the offer is also very reasonable, which you will find out later in this post.

Package NameMonthly TikTok Package
PriceRs.500 Including taxes
Balance RequiredRs. 620 PKR
On-Net Minutes
Off-Net Minutes
Internet Data3000 MB  ( 3 GB) for TikTok use only
Subscribe Code**117*31#
Check Remaining MBs, Mints & SMS
Validity30 Days (1 Month)

How To Subscribe To Jazz TikTok Packages?

To subscribe to a TikTok offer, first check your budget. Choose the package that best suits your budget and subscribe to it from the above list. Then you can enjoy watching videos on the TikTok app.

Once you have decided which package to subscribe to, dial the code from your Jazz number. You will immediately receive a confirmation message from Jazz confirming that you have subscribed to the TikTok Jazz internet package.

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